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Things You Should NOT Say To A Pregnant Woman

Hi everyone! 

Just feeling a bit fed up with the unkind comments that seem to come hand in hand with being pregnant. It amazes me what comes out of some peoples mouths. I’m not feeling too bad with the whole pregnancy thing, I mean don’t get me wrong there’s some sleepless nights, nausea, indigestion etc. but I actually feel really good. I know we are supposed to be appreciative of people ‘caring for us’ but there is no reason for people to be rude. 

I found this article and thought I would share, it’s got a few of the ridiculous things people think are okay to say to you while you're pregnant.
For me, the most annoying have been the "you look exhausted/so pale” comments. Now I have very pale skin, so when people do the “oh you look so pale” thing to me I feel pretty annoyed. What would they like me to do, magically change my skin colour!

The other one I get a lot is the comments on your size, but I get both. How can I bee 'too small' and 'too big' at the same time!! I’ve gone from being told "you don’t look pregnant at all" followed by an attempted belly touch image to "are you sure you’re not having twins" and that was the very next day…  

Please comment below I'd love to hear you share your ‘favourite’ pregnancy comments!


  • Aw I know what you mean! When I was pregnant with my little girl (she's 1 now) I was in work and a colleague said to me in the morning 'aw your Carrying really well you look great! Your all bump' (I'm naturally a slim build) so took the compliment and went up the stairs...not but a minute later another colleague said ' my God are you having twins! You look massive you've got well fat since last week!' (It was a Monday morning) I was so shocked and disgusted with what she had said I replied I'm not fat idiot I'm pregnant! And even if I was what gives you the right to comment! She walked off and didn't talk to me again ever haha but I get where your coming from I'll never forget that! It's so rude! 

  • I have just read your article. Being a pregnant woman, I agree that one should not say any of these things to a pregnant woman.

  • Just had my baby and I really did feel confident with my body while pregnant- loved my bump and embraced the stretch marks etc. What really made me angry was people saying i was fat or commenting oh looks like you ate a few pies at the weekend... As others have said... No it's not fat! I also thought people dont know what they could do with comments like that. What if the pregnant woman had previous eating disorders? These comments could be damaging to the woman's health. I also had loads of inappropriate 'banter' about breastfeeding (my manager asked why I needed to attend a class- this is classed as antenatal and was happening during my holiday time anyway), people making comments about how many times I was rubbing my belly, all the scary birth stories, all the patronising advice "make sure when you go out with baby you take spare clothes" 🤔 I even had a comment about how my boobs hadnt increased in size! (Small breasted over here). Oh and let's not forget all the inappropriate belly touching from strangers with no warning or without asking. Oh yeah and the fetish weirdos that stare at you (had a guy in waitrose stare at me like I was some mythical beast then follow me down aisles... My partner cut him a death stare!). 

    Oh and once the baby was born and 3 days old we took her to get weighed at the hospital. We were in a lift with a nurse who asked how old baby was and her name and was saying how adorable she is then nurse looks at me and says aw you still have your bump... YES ITS BEEN 3 DAYS!!! 

    Rant over lol 

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