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3 children, work & study!!

Heyy ladies,

im new to all this but would like some advice please....

I am currently on MAT leave with my 3rd who is due in October. I really really want to do a access course at college next September. I am aware this course is quite intense but its something i really want to do to better our lives! I know ill have to find another job to fit around college, as i need to work, i've worked out ill be over £500 down per month if i didnt work. But when i start the course my children will be 5, 2 & 11 months. I dont know if it will be too much etc. I will want to spend as much time with my children as i can as they are only little once and time goes so quick! But with studying and working will i have enough time? What are people thoughts on this? Should i wait until my youngest is older? or should i go for it? It's so hard. Also has anyone managed to achieve this? is it do-able?

Thanks :) xxxx


  • If it's something you feel you can commit too then do it, once you find a routine it will slot in, maybe when the children are having a nap you could commit an hour or so to studying. I did it, mine are older now but two have special needs so require more help than "average" it was hard, I won't pretend it was but I walked away earning money, a diploma and 4 children along with a whole host of animals as I used to rescue and foster. I worked from home which also made things easier. Where there is a will there is a way as my Nan used to say x

  • Learning is a lifetime process, but there comes a time when we must stop adding and start updating. 

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