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Thought I would introduce myself, I am a Mum to 4 children, 2 of which have special needs, I am mainly bed bound and looking to connect with others who like to chat, I adore animals and have LOTS of them, I love music and have quite an eclectic taste, my sense of humour can be quite childish but theres nothing wrong with being a child at heart ;) I hope your all having an amazing day. Looking forward to chatting and hearing a bit about you all xx


  • Hi MoonRaven! 

    Nice to meet you! 4 children must be tiring..I find one enougg for me lol!

    How old are your little ones?

    I have a little boy Elliot who is 4.5 months old!

  • Hello Good Evening!

    Myself Som. I still have not any children. I'm trying to take this. I very much like singing and photography. And every night I can not sleep if not read novel. I wish I give my child at all times. What would your opinion

  • Som,

    I am so sorry you don't have children, I hope your dreams are realised soon.

    Distraction  is often very good, I find that it eases and relaxes me when I sing not always good for the neighbours. I also like reading. What kind of books do you like to read? xx

  • My "little ones" aren't so little anymore, add 10 years to your little boy and that's how old my youngest was actually easier when they were smaller would you believe. I would dearly love to have another but my health wouldn't permit, so I wait impatiently for grandchildren;) xx

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