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Back to school: can’t wait – or dreading it? Is it your child’s first ever term?

Hi everyone, 

For many of us, it’s back to school Monday (apols to all lovely folks in Scotland who’ve been back for a while now, we know). 

And we suspect that while some of us with school-age children can’t wait for term to begin, others of us will be feeling sad or – perhaps if your child starting in Reception or P1 – even a bit nervous and worried.

So we’d love you to tell us which camp you’re in at the school gate: the one waving your child off with a happy sense of relief or the one clutching tear-stained tissues and wishing the summer hols were even longer?

Please do tell by adding a reply to this thread. (And if you fancy adding a pic of your child in their school uniform, you’ll make our day!)



  • These school holidays have just flown by! I remember thinking 'What am i going to do for 6 weeks with my kids!' at the start of the holidays, and here we are, one's back to school today and the other starts nursery in a few weeks time. Well we made it! Thanks to some summer schemes, but we made it! I'm kinda sorry to see my eldest go back, but sure the minute i pick her up this arvo and she's moaning she's hungry, that will soon pass! 

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