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How old was your child when they stopped wearing nappies at night?

Hi everyone,

We were hoping you would come and tell us, how old was your child when they stopped wearing nappies at bedtime? 

We know that it’s different for every child, and the age when they can manage this does vary quite a lot, so we were hoping you’d tell us how old was your child when they managed it. Any tips or tricks to pass on too? 

Please do come and tell us by posting your reply on this thread - we’re fascinated to know!



  • I'm glad someone brought this up as with my first, she wasn't out of them until she was about 5! And it cost a fortune as we had to buy those childrens pull ups. When i talked to another mum about this when my daughter was in reception, she had the same problem and her daughter was 9 months older than mine so i think it's actually not that unusual, just not spoken about much.  

    we finally sorted it by lifting my daughter on to the loo a few hours after bedtime - she would wee while asleep on the loo, and a week or so later, she was clean.  

  • We tried around her second birthday but after a few days she just wet herself all the time. We waited another year until she was ready and followed the Gina Ford potty train in a week book and in one week she was dry and never wet the bed. This was a month after her third birthday.

  • With my first she was dry during the day at 2. I didn't try bedtime until about four cause she was having mostly dry nights. We just told her that we had no more nappies for her and made sure she went to the toilet before bed. And haven't looked back since. I'm sure we could have done it sooner but we'll never know now lol. We'll see what happens with number 2. 

    My niece was dry day and night at 3.

    They're all so different image

  • My eldest was so hard to get out of nappies. Was dry in the day at 3yrs 4 months and was in nappies at night for about another 4 or 5 months. I honestly cant remember how we cracked it.

    My second was completely different thank god. She toilet trained at 2yrs and 4 months old and was dry day AND night within a week.
    She literally went from nappies to asking to go to the toilet and not having accidents by day 4 of potty training. At the same time she was waking up dry in the morning so around day 6/7 I ditched the nappies, she'd use the toilet before bed and then I'd lift her out around mdnight/1am and sit her on the toilet & she'd wee, and then stay dry til she got up in the morning.

    I'm hoping my baby takes after my middle child lol.

  • We've had a bit of a nightmare with my eldest. She had 2 bad water infections when she was 2 and had to go in hospital both times. The hospital wouldn't let us go until she had given them a water sample, which is extremely hard when they are 2 and not toilet trained. I had to basically pin her to the toilet until she wee'd but it hurt her because of the infection and from then on she was absolutely petrified of the toilet 😫 She started nursery at 3 and the teachers really helped her overcome her fear of actually sitting on the toilet but she still wouldn't wee. We tried every trick in the book to make her go but she just wouldn't. She finally done her first wee just before her 4th birthday (July), we just had to be harsh and put up with the tears. Everything else just seems to have followed really quickly. She started doing poos about a week later and is dry in the night too. It's been the most stressful part of parenting for me, but we finally got there! My new baby (15 wk) will be getting toilet trained very early! 😂 

  • All three of my children potty trained at 3 we gave them all the chance at around 2 1/2 but they wasn't interested so we left them till they started telling us they was wet or dirty. Which was at 3 they was potty trained day and night within a week. I was very lucky, lol im pregnant now and reckon I could have trouble lol. I just believe in letting the child decide when they are ready. Not to force them as that will completely reverse anything you have taught them. Xx

  • With my daughter she was 2 years and 7mo the when we started potty training. Day time she was dry within a week, night time was harder though and she was 3 1/2 when we got her out of nappies at night xx

  • My boy was dry during the day a 2 years he just decided he wants to use the potty and had hardly any accidents he's nearly 4 now and I have to make sure I get him up in the night if he doesn't go before he goes to sleep but he been dry no nappies since 3 1/2 he won't wear pull ups or anything so we did have a few wet beds in the mornings. Think my second at 1 wants to try because of watching his brother so he might be sooner 

  • My little boy was really early going into pants in the day time - he was 2.5 years old.  We tried him just after his second birthday but he didn't seem ready, so we waited a bit and tried again and he just did it.  I think you need to wait for them to tell you in their own way.  And if you do try and they don't quite get it, don't stress, just try again a few weeks later!  I also think if you are going to do it, then do it.  I know some people change them from pants to pull ups if they are going out....We didn';t do that.  We just said no more pull ups (unless its bed time) just big boy pants.  Even when we were out we would take him to the toilet every 30-60 minutes.  It was a pain for a couple of months but he soon learnt :-)

    He took longer for night time though - he was 3.5 by the time he was dry at night.  I had heard that being dry at night was something to do with the brain and that you couldn't 'train' them to be dry at night.  Not sure how true it is!  However, my little boy just all of a sudden stopped weeing in his sleep.  We were on holiday and he was dry the whole week we were away.  He said to me "Mummy, I don't want to wear pull ups in bed anymore" and that was that!!  He has had the odd accident but did really well!

    Not so sure my other little boy is going to be as easy - he is a monkey :-)

  • Hi! Josh was out of day time nappies at 2, and is now fully out of them and dry at night. He's just turned 3, a couple of months ago he just decided he didn't want to wear them anymore lol But his nappies have been dry for 6+ months

    a strange thing ive  come across is if he doesn't wear underpants to bed he will be wet, but if he has them on he's dry, it's 9am and he still hasn't been for a wee yet 😳

  • We were able to do it after he stopped asking for milk at night. That was about when he was three years old. We made sure that he went to the bathroom before going to bed so his bladder is empty. There were some times when he wet himself at night back then so I made sure to place a waterproof sheet under him. These happened when he had too much to drink past seven o'clock. Anyway, these incidents were few and far between and on the occasion that he wet himself, I don't know why but I always dreamed of my son playing in the water or stuff like that. When I have those dreams I immediately know that he's cold (or wet) so I check up on him right away.

  • When she was 2, we didn't put nappies on her during the day. but at night we needed to, just until she gets used to it

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