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If you’re married, did you change your name?

Hi everyone,

If you are married, did you take your husband's surname? Or did you keep your maiden name? Or sort of mix and match between the two, depending on circumstances? 

Please do come and let us know by posting a reply on this thread. We’d love to hear what you decided to do – and why!



  • I took my husbands surname.  If I had kept my surname, it would have meant I kept my Dad's surname.  Either way, it's a man name going back generations and I wanted our future children to have all the same name together.  Plus, getting a new name was exciting!!

  • I haven't changed mine. We each kept ours. The child/ren will have my husband surname as this is what he wants and I respect his decision but as far as you're asking me, i don't care :) . I just wanted to keep my surname because i felt really attached to it. It's the only identity that i know since I was born. Maybe if I was to get married really young, like 20, i wouldn't mind. But after a long time my names define who I am i guess. When my husband and I discussed about the whole surname tradition i remember me asking him 'can you imagine yourself waking up one morning with a differnt name?' And he was like: 'no way!' :)) so yes, we made the best decision for us. I guess everyone is different and what makes you happy matter the most 

  • I took my husband's name. To be honest it was more interesting than my old one lol, and it made the whole marriage thing feel more real I suppose.

  • I kept my name - my thinking was the same as Chris'. I feel like my name is too much a part of my identity to change it now. I even used the same example of how he would feel if he woke up one day and had to change his name! Plus I just have a much better surname lol (hopefully he won't read this!).

    I'm pregnant with our first at the moment and we haven't decided what to do in terms of her surname. He is leaning towards letting her have mine but I feel a bit bad about it. I told him he'll have to change his name as well ;) 

  • Today is my 4th wedding anniversary and while my driving licence, passport and bank are in my maiden name I either use double barrel or my married name. When it's time to renew the docs I will update. My doc was still in my maiden name but I knew my husband would be disappointed to not see baby boy (his name) in the hospital so I changed just before my due date and our son has his name. So really I haven't changed anything that was difficult and required energy. Maybe I should...but I'm lazy.

  • i just got married on July, before marriage we discussed about changing names and oh was okay with each one of us keeping their maiden names, so i haven't changed!

    i am pregnant with our first in our tradition a child will always take the father's name, so i will remain with my name but my kids will be named after him. i do not plan on changing my name, it has been my identity and i love my name as it is.

  • I took my husbands name. My mother changed my surname when I was younger to her new husbands name. I don't see them anymore and didnt think twice about ditching the surname that only bring bad memories. Taking my husbands surname means I have a family name I do care about and means something to me, as well as it being the same as our children! 

  • I was married to my girls father and I took his name - the girls have his name. Over the years following our divorce I changed things back to my maiden name at first I didn't as I thought it was best to keep the same name as my girls but as I moved on I found I wanted some cl on that part of my life. However I didn't change my passport as a it costs and b if I travel then there are no questions about the girls having a different name. 

    I have remarried a month ago and the girls have asked to have my new husbands name and also the same as their brother - my ex has agreed to some things but officially they still have his name. For now my passport is still in my old married name but over time and when it expires I'll change it. The girls don't like having their dads name so put my husbands name on everything they can...its a tough one but it's just a name. I had my dads name when I was born then my parents divorced and i had my mums maiden name - she remarried and had a double barrelled name for years, I married got divorced and then have remarried so in 31 years I've had 4 surnames- my husband says its like I'm in witness protection ! 

  • Kept my name, also kept my businesses, savings and property, am not daft.

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