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It’s OK to swear in front of your kids, says US professor. Do you agree?


We’ve just read about a new book by US professor Benjamin Bergen who says it’s ok to swear in front of your own children (note - he’s not saying it’s ok to swear AT them!). To put this in to context, Bergen is saying it’s his policy not to censor himself around his toddler, but to explain the swear words and their appropriate use. 

So we were wondering, do you think it’s ok to swear in front of your children? If so, why? And if not, why not? Please do come and tell us what you think about this by posting a reply on this thread. We’d love to hear what you have to say about it! 



  • NO!!!!

    My case in point here: I have a friend who swears incessantly in front of her kids (and to be honest, she swears at them too...). They were in the car on a long journey and the mum turned the kids music off the radio after an hour or so. The kid who was 5 said to her mum ‘put my fucking music back on’. It made me laugh, but also cringe. How awful to hear that coming from your childs mouth, but the mum was totally to blame as if she didn't swear all the time, the child wouldn't have used the term - and she used it perfectly! 

  • Ooh no that's wrong. My lo copies most thing I say he's 4 but he knows it's wrong and I'm happy to take full blame if I swear however it's words like crap I say. I never say fuck etc in front of him. I think crap is bad enough. We have a 'crap' park by us that's where it came from. However we were at my oh's moms house for dinner and my boy was being cheeky and my oh's sister told him to bigger off! He then turned back and said why don't you bugger off! She apologised and I laughed but I only laughed cuz I thought that's fair enough hI'm saying it back she deserved it! But then had to explain it wasn't a good word. Can't win sometimes ha x 

  • No way - its disrespectfu!

    I still tell my hubby off when he swears in front of his dad now 😂😂

  • No no no

    kids copy everything you say and do!  We all slip every now and then!! We try to make those slips very rare and now get told off if we slip by our nine yr old daughter but I always tell my husband off if he slips in front of the kids.  It sounds awful coming out of any mouth but for it to be coming out of a child's mouth of any age is awful and wrond.

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