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Back again

Hi there, I've been missing for what seems like forever but I've been super more kids though, we're sticking at two.

Just thought I'd give you a quick update. Mia is going to be turning 4 soon and in the time offline she not has a speech therapist, attends a private nursery for 5 hours, 3 times a week and a special speech and language class for 2 hours twice a week. She's finally starting to get the help she needs with lots of waiting and fighting to get itand has been told she can have an autism assessment but there is a 3 year wait for we've already waited 6 months, hopwfully it'll fly by. Her speech has improved and she now goes to sleep at 9pm for a full 11 hours instead of 3am for 4 hours thanks to a pediatrician that has given her melatonin. All the other professionals now agree she doesn't naturally make enough herself where as before they just said she was naughty. Since sleeping more there has been a huge improvement in her behaviour, moods and learning. I'm just sorting out everyones reports for her special needs application for a support worker at school for when she starts in 2013 as I'm finding it hard to get a mainstream school that would take her.

Ava turned 2 in March and is growing up fast. We pay for her to attend Mia's nursery with her for 2 of the days were she's made lots of new friends and keeps an eye on her big sister looking after her. She's a proper little chatter box and tends to prefer the company of the 3 to 4 year olds. According to the nursery Ava is the class clown but very bright so I'm thinking of asking them to bump her up a class as she's doing the same level of learning as the older kids anyway.

As for me and Lee we still don't have a date set to get married but after 7 years together there really is no rush now I suppose. Lol. I've stopped the party bag business to work on my handmade handbags and jewellery which is taking off well and I am loving. I'm just trying to organise showing some of my work in some galleries too so that should be fun. I have dropped uni with Mia having so many appointments etc all over town but I'd obviously rather focus on helping her then doing something for me. I don't have as many headaches now with all that reading to do image

Anyway, missed talking to the regulars and hope you are all well but had to take a much needed break because I was wearing myself out trying to be in a million places at once making sure everyone was happy etc but I'm reorganised and have dropped a few things to save me any more work or hassle so fingers crossed things will start to look up...even though I'm not an overnight millionaire buying all my Euromillions tickets yesterday. Good job money isn't everything & I have my 2 girls and Lee image

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