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Work Stress


I am feeling a bit uptight and low and just need to know I am not alone.  I have a very demanding job in Law, our department/team are overwhelmed but my so called Manager appears to have time to chat and giggle away.  I say so called Manager as he does not really manage me and only speaks to me when I ask a query which is minimal.

Anyway, I have told him in conversation how overworked I am and how things are slipping through the net, yet this morning he asked me to take over a matter he was progressing.  I replied that I am already manic but will add this to my list to be actioned when I could and that I would also speak to our boss (Head of Department) as this cannot carry on as I am 17 weeks pregnant.  He responded to my email copying the boss in saying it would not be too taxing?  Surely if it wasn't too taxing he could finish it himself?

I did not respond as I am already feeling tight chested from the previous email.  Then a hour later he sends me another email asking me to do another matter.

Is it me or should he have at least not sent that second email.  I am not saying I am a special case and now I am pregnant I should be given special treatment but surely when your colleague expresses their concern over their workload the last thing you should do is pile another matter upon them.  He does not even discuss my workload with me, just how are you getting on, then I respond with overwhelmed etc and he continues his work.

I am a worrier and by piling this on me I can feel myself becoming worked up.

This is not good for me and surely must be bad for the little one too.

Any feedback, comments or shared experiences would be helpful.

Thank you 


  • I dont really have anything helpful to say - I just wanted to let you know that you arent alone in feeling overwhelmed with work! My workload is huge at the moment, and more is getting piled on quicker than I can clear it! Unfortunately, thats the nature of my job so I can't really stop it, and everyone else is in the same boat so no chance to try and share it amongst colleagues either. Is this something you could suggest - sharing workloads with someone else in the same position? 

    The fact that you are 17 weeks pregnant shouldn't have any effect on the amount of work you can/can't do - there are no restrictions on this type of work on pregnancy (in that its not like manual labour or demanding physical activity like really heavy lifting etc). But if you are feeling overwhelmed then it is something that you should raise internally with someone that will listen - it might be that they can adjust your role (such as going part time or taking on less responsibility) - although change in role are often accompanied by changes in pay which could then affect your maternity entitlement. 

  • Hello hun,  I had sickness thought my pregnancy then sciatica twards the last 3 months. When I was bad I was off on sick and when I was feeling that bit better I was going back (which was causing me stress and I was back to square one) but I kept going back to show willing as I hadn't long been there (only about a year) but I was off for a good few months!

    If there treating you unfairly have you got a occupational health in your work place??? They can set some rules with your manager that would make things easier for you. 

    Hope that helps xx

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