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Silly Sausage game: is it just us or is it a bit, erm, suggestive?


We've been looking at the toys the toy industry says will be top of every child's wanted list this Christmas and we're really like the look of the new family game Silly Sausage (pic below).

It's basically a reaction game where you have to do what the sausage asks you to do, in the right order, before time runs out.

BUT the things you have to do include stretching the sausage, shaking the sausage and twisting the sausage – and, well, some of us think it's all a bit, erm, suggestive...(do check out the sausage in action here)

What do you think?

Have some of us just got dirty minds here at MFM HQ? Or do you see what we're thinking, too?

We'd REALLY love to hear your reaction. Please tell us by adding a post to this thread!



  • I just did some online Xmas shopping, and this was one of the things on my 3 year olds list (she screams 'want that' at most tv adverts, including this sausage game... she literally just did it for a women's laser hair removal gadget).

    Anyhow, i looked up this game and thought no way! I'm not having my little girl waving this weird sausage about, winging it this way and that!!! 

    It's deffo a bit strange. And how long would it actually take one of us in my house to hold it out as a willy? Not long at all!

  • So this is just 'Bop It' but a sausage then?! Lol.

    I would probably let my little boy have it if he wanted it.  To him, his mind is clean and wouldn't have a clue what it was about - to him it would literally be a game.  However, everytime we played it I would certainly be tittering to myself...... ;-)

  • I think there's so many strange games for children now. I saw an advert for poo head the other day! I think I would rather a sausage game than poo head ha but I have just gone retro and bought operation!

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