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What are you buying your child for Christmas and have they asked for anything in particular?

Hi everyone, 

We were wondering, what are you buying your child or children for Christmas? Also, have they asked for anything in particular? 

Do let us know how old your child is, and if you have a baby, what are you buying them?

Please add your thoughts by posting a reply to this thread. We think this could be a cracking Christmas gift list! 



  • Hi,

    I am lucky that my son who has just turned one really plays with his toys so I have really enjoyed buying for Christmas.

    We have tried to replicate the things he likes most around our home that are not meant to be toys such as a mini washing machine, a cleaning set, a little cooker. He is a big jumper/bouncer so we have got the spinning frog.

    For stocking fillers we have gone for things like glow Sticks for the bath, bath toys, pocket books.

    I am one of those annoying mums that constantly buys ages and sizes in advance so I have a lot of things which will see him through next year like wooden puzzles.

    I have found that throughout the year there have been amazing offers on for toys so I have just picked them up as and when I see them.


  • Our 4 year old daughter only really asked for small bits like make-up (her current obsession) and craft items. We have decided to get her a wooden dressing table for her room that will grow with her. She will sit for hours in the mirror putting lip gloss and jewellery on 😂 We also have a 6 month old daughter so we are buying things like activity cubes, play table and soft toys for her. 

  • My eldest son just wants a boat!  Nothing else, just a boat!!  I have asked him what kind of boat, what colour boat, all sorts.  But he just says I just want a boat! Lol.  So quite easy I guess really :-) 

    My youngest will be 1 on 31/12 so he doesn't want for much yet - other than clothes! :-)

  • For the 7 year old, she want's Orbeez (which i just don't understand what they are, despite having bought them!) Squishies (ordered them from China!) and a mermaid blanket. 

    My 3 year old wants a new dolly, we have bought her a pram (despite having THREE buggies!) and she pretty much says 'me want that' to every kids advert on the tv. 

  • My 7 yo has asked for a lava lamp and some gel pens which is easy enough for me haha but obviously I will get her a few other bits aswell we have a kind of traditions every year she get 2 new dvds and 1 new board game to add to her collection because then we spend xmas watching the dvds we got her and playing the game whichever it is its so much fun for us :) 
    I am also getting her a suprise gift she has never asked for but always wished she had which is a keyboard so will be lovely surprise for her great for me to as i found a nice bargain on amazon :)  

    For lyra my 1yo I want to get her a trike to take her out in rather then her pram and a few little bits but that will be her main one and obv she will now join in with our tradition and she will get her own 2 dvds but she will have to wait till she is older for a game as most have small pieces :) 


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