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New business..?

Hey guys I haven't been on here in a long time! But need some advice from mums! I'm thinking of starting a little business it's still new but need to know of its worth going though with, if mums would really buy it of if I'm wasting my time! So please any tips or just advice would be brilliant!! The idea is boxes tailored for each age group and sex of the child, different boxes will contain different things. So you could purchase one for a child age 4-5 inside will have a my first maths and words work books, reward charts and stickers, flash cards, posters, game ideas as well as tips for mum and dad. Art and crafts box for the mini makers! Will tailor to different ages, these will have books ideas on colors, animals, shapes , games things they can make inside them tips for mum and dad with what you can make out of everyday things! And for the older children a little more science and weird and wonderful facts. And also want to tailor to new mums! With ideas of how to make easy home made keep sakes, little treats for mum and baby, tips and websites, little note pad, calendar. I want them to be fun but educational for children! But also helpful for parents. You can buy a ready made box or pick what you would like to be in it! Would you buy one for your child? A niece or nephew? A new mum ? Thank you for reading any advice will be really helpful! Thanks x


  • I think its a good idea.

    You could also customise boxes with childs name ie "Mollys wierd and wonderful kit"

    It would be somthing i would buy for my son as im always looking for new ways to entertain him.

  • I agree, it is a good idea

  • Yes it's good idea. You also can extend the mums from all over the world. For example you can find customers from other countries either. I deal with simular busines and I've found the way to make it easy. I use the service Keku and it's virtual number (just 10$ per months) and all mums who want to buy my product - connects with me through it. 

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