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Mother and baby parking

Hi just wanted some feedback on a rather nasty incident that happened in a car park today that has left me shaken. I was picking my eight month old daughter up from the city today as she had spent the morning with her grandparents. The plan was to pick up her car seat and then go and have lunch together before returning home. I parked in the mother and baby parking as parking was awful and the only space available was on level nine. I have a back problem and can't pull her up nine flights of stairs on my own and there was no lift. Whilst waiting for my parents to arrive (no more than a couple of minutes) a angry women approached my car and started slamming the heal Of her hand into the window  shouting abuse and that I should be ashamed. I tried to explain that I did have a baby and that was why I parked there but she didn't care and just kept shouting abuse and calling me a liar. Keen not to let the situation deteriorate I said I would move but her behaviour wasn't acceptable. She then became even more aggressive forceibly pulling my car door open to shout abuse. As I drove away I saw her taking pictures of my car. I am so upset by the whole thing as I don't believe I did anything wrong. The whole day was ruined and I had to pull my daughter up the stairs which wasn't safe


  • Technically she had no right to do anything she did, she has assaulted your vehicle & violated your rights taking your photo without your permission. 

    Mother & baby parking is a privilege BUT unlike disabled spaces it is not actually enforceable  (in fact disabled people have more right to park there than us parents ). They can also be used by anyone with a child still using a carseat  (potentially up to 12yrs old) which causes a lot of its own argument. 

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