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Sorry new here so not sure if I'm posting correctly.

Had a NEXPLANON implant put in after my son was born and had it in for roughly a year. Had no bleeding while it was in but had it removed 2.5 months ago due to side effects and have yet to have a period after removal. wondering how long it should take for my period to return? Have had unprotected sex twice since removal but a negative pregnancy test, dont know when period is due obviously so perhaps testing to early? although I'm not actually TTC.

Am also still breastfeeding my 15 month old, could this be why I've yet to get my period idk? 


  • hi...I was in the same situation as you, as I had the implant taken out about 2 and a bit months ago and I was also wondering the same question but unfortunately it does depend on your body on when it goes back to normal, but I would say if it still hasn't arrived in 4/6 months I would go to your doctor as they can to tests to see If there is anything wrong... I've had to wait just over 2 months to get my period. it is a bit of a waiting, sorry to back the news to you but the doctor said that it would be highly unlikely to get pregnant this soon after having it out as hormones are all over the place, unless you had unprotected sex the same week you had it out but you would have the signs of being preg by now or unless very lucky.

    I hope this helps you, and sorry I cant be more helpful really, also sorry for the long reply :) good luck waiting

    P.S someone on here said to drink pink grape fruit juice as it is meant to help induce periods but it didn't bother, I just waited :)

  • Thank you for the reply, not actually wanting to get pregnant, just worrying. Will have to wait it out then :') 

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