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]Hi I'm 19 years old with a 15 month old baby and have struggled on and off with anxiety issues for many years and have never fully done anything about it (been to the doctors multiple times but been to worried to return to follow up appointments)

I had it bad during my pregnancy and when my son was born but succeeded at keeping it under control mostly but the past 6 months its been increasingly getting worse and im struggling to leave the house by myself, buses ect i feel as though every one around judges me and i worry something bad will happen or that my son will play up and ill get embarrassed. Im struggling with stress every day when i have little to stess about and i feel as though everything i do is wrong. I want to join a baby, toddler group because I dont want my son to struggle with people as i do, get him to be social with children and groups early but im too afraid. I also feel very alone some times, i live with my parents (am with my childs dad but not living together, i also struggle with this) suggestions? Sorry for the long post

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