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Bleeding every week for a few days, light and with small clots, and in pain when bleeding?

Sorry, I didnt know where else to put this I was not sure what it would come under? So, i am just over 6 months PP. When I first had my son i got the injection, however that wore of about 3ish months ago. Over the past few weeks every other week I have been getting bleeding, not alot its like a light pink it doesnt fill up a pad and only seems to be when I wipe, it sometimes has small dark clots in that look quite dry and i get a stabbing pain that feels like its in the entrance of my cervix, this bleeding comes on randomly and is never really like a period its not dark red either it doesnt last long either anywhere from a few hours to a couple of days. I havent took a pregnancy test or anything, I'm not to sure what it could be but i think i may have to take a test. My son came VIA c-section but I had no problems after, anyone got any idea what it could be? 

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