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Have you put your Christmas tree up yet?


We'd love to know if you've put your Christmas tree up already.

Or if you like to wait till a bit closer to Christmas before getting out all the baubles and tinsel?

Do please come and tell us by adding a post to this thread. 

And, if you've already got your tree up, do please post up a pic. We'd really love to see it!



  • Our tree went up on Saturday. X 

  • It's beautiful Col33, and we're very impressed by the strategically placed box in front of it to keep your little girl safe!

  • imageFamily room tree

    imageFront room tree

    The kids have one each as well in their bedrooms I've spent all last week decorating the house it's like a grotto!!! The magic of Christmas is when they come home from school and see it all lit up 😍😊 they are so excited!! Even my 13 year old son that just kind of ignores us all says he feels excited now the deccies are up!!!

  • image Dulcie getting into the spirit :)

  • Dori27 that's a beautiful piccie!! Love the huge bauble!!

  • I'm so excited to get my tree up but i'm moving house on Friday so i haven't been able to put mine up yet! .. i reckon the tree will be the first thing i unpack haha x

  • imageimage

    We've gone silver and white this year. Artificial tree though as the real ones are a bit wide for the space we have. I love it though 😍 can't wait for Christmas with my 2 girls this year xx

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  • image My son loves to feed it milk and put his cars inside! apart from that he doesn't touch it x

  • Me and Mya is out Christmas finest lol image

  • I am super excited for Christmas this year! We are not doing much shopping it's just so nice having the baby here to coo over and make us smile 🙂 

    We put our dece up 2weeks ago tomorrow! I enjoyed a glass of wine in the process 😬

    image image image

    My boy loves his nana dearly!image

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