St Pat's Day

Happy St. Patrick's Day all! Anyone got plans? I'm off to see Lemar in concert at Harrogate! image


  • I plan to spend the day in bed!!! Hahaha!!
  • I'm going to our local, to watch all my friends get stupid on Guinness (they never remember how strong it is!) and laugh as they keel over! LOL only joking (well about the laughing at them bit!)

    I will sit with them and nurse a half pint of Guinness... Gwyneth Paltrow drunk it during pregnancy so it can't be too bad!! Theres lots of entertainment laid on, so it should be a fun day. Have a wonderful time seeing Lemar, try not to drool too much!!
  • I can't wait to see him. The joke is that if I go into labour and it turns out to be a boy that I will have to call it Lemar!! Ha ha! :lol:
  • its my mums birthday today as well so i have double the celebration. i will be breaking out the shandy. lol
  • i went to bath to bodyshop training and then to the pub and had a half guinnes and was great i can make bodyshop partys now and be a mum aswell when baby is born.
  • Ooh whats bodyshop parties? As in the bodyshop stores? It smells divine in there, im ADDICTED to there mango body butter mmm i love i and the mango exfoliator id be lost without it! I really dont like guinness, i dont like any alcohol really it mostly all tastes like crap!! All i ever drink when i go out (pre pregnancy of course) is dry martini or jack daniels with coke. . x x x i want to do bodyshop parties sounds fab!
  • bodyshop partys are partys where the host get a makeover ,get pampered or a facial treatment and lots of freebies if the guest buy some stuff at the party.its great i love every bit of it.
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