How is everyone this morning xx

how is everyone this morning??? all feeling ok i hope take care everyone xx;\)


  • Hi Sammy, im fine and my baby is too (kicking like mad)! Cant wait for may 2nd to get here. Hope your well and your pregnancy is going great, Sophia x
  • I'm well ate some porridge and then was nearly sick but the trusted chewing gum saved the day again my bump kept me awake last night I'm only 16 weeks but felt movement for about 3 weeks now. I have 3 days off work yay but not sure what to do with myself as OH is away. Think I will go to yoga at 1130 then pop into town this afternoon and sneek some babygrows into the house. Not sure if you have seen my other threads but me and OH have agreed to wait until after the baby is due in August and he will buy things so we can be careful with money so I can take 14 months off work but as he's away I'm going to be naughty! What are you up to today sammy?
  • good morning sammy. and every one. i am feeling very tired this morning, i had a rough weekend with the kids playing me up. and i am up and down to the loo all night long. but other wise i am feeling good. think it must be that pregnancy bloom they talk about!lol. take carexx
  • Pen

    Is your toilet downstairs? Sod that I'd get a bucket in the bedroom or hall way LOL!
  • hi bristol, yes unfortunatly my loo is down stairs so by the time i get back up stairs i am wide awake again!lol. it's a real pain. but it won't last for long. (i hope). take care.xx
  • hi
    iam feeling alright this morning i had worse days and i bet i got some more worse day to come .
    i hope not.
    but iam good today .hope everyone else on here is good?
    eve xxx
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