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Have you seen the Christmas presents ‘4 Gift Rule’ on social media? What do you think of it?

We’ve spotted this Christmas presents ‘4 Gift Rule’ floating around on social media quite a bit lately, and we were wondering what you thought of it?

The general gist is, you buy your child 4 gifts - 1 thing they want, 1 thing they need, 1 thing they’ll wear and 1 thing they’ll read.

We were wondering if you tried the 4 Gift Rule for your children this Christmas, how do you think they might react? Maybe this is something you already do?
Do come and share your thoughts by posting a reply on this thread. We'd love to hear what you do. 



  • Wow that sounds great but after years of my children having much more than 4 gifts I don't think they would know what had hit them if they were reduced to 4 gifts.  I'm the first to say don't bankrupt yourself because of Christmas and my children are very aware of the money restraints on gift buying but no I don't do the 4 gift rule and don't think I would want to.  I've three children daughter who is now 20, daughter who is 9 son who is 1 this Sunday and next year I will have our first grandchild celebrating with us.  they all get more than 4 gifts but they know that it's not all about presents x

  • We have always followed this rule  (although admittedly they often get more than just one thing that they want...). Clothes are usually something to wear to family dinner &/or Christmas PJ'S (sometimes given on Christmas Eve ). Book is usually shared at bedtime. It makes Christmas fun. 😉

  • I wouldn't want to stick to it.

    I do think it's easy to go overboard - my ex always gets them loads of stuff and it bugs me because I can't afford to do the same and even if I could I wouldn't want to, but, I think that rule goes too far the other way...
    I prefer to get one 'main' present and 3 or 4 smaller/cheaper presents. Some years they've had clothes or books as well but still a few toys.
    Also, what do kids 'need' besides clothes and food? I'm not sure what would class as a need... shoes maybe?
    If I were a kid and only got one thing I really wanted and 3 other things that were clothing/food etc I'd be disappointed lol.

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