booo hoooo

i dropped my phone in my drink last night! and now it doesnt work gutted!


  • lol dont cry!! can u save your sim to get ya numbers out? thats the worse thing when you lose all ya numbers i think!! wounding! bless ya xx
  • just take the battery out leave open for a few days then it should work again my one did when i done it good luck
  • yeah its in a towel in the rad at the mo i took the sim out to find the numbers are saved to my phone! booo hooo
  • oh no, wounded you poor thing!
  • bad luck hun, what a pain in the azz. hope you can get all your numbers back. i learned the hard way, lost my phone with 140 odd numbers, got most of them back but not all of them - grr! now save them on sim card and have copy of it. also write them in my address book (tho that's mislaid at the mo - lol). claire x
  • wooo hooo its working the screan is a bit damaged but its orking and have got my numbers back!!!!! yay!!!
  • good for you ive done it about 4 times lol
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