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Downs edwards and patau screening tests

Hi everyone. Obviously I'm not a mom but my partner is just over 12 weeks pregnant and we had the screening tests done on Tuesday.  Just wondering if there is a high risk of having any of these then how do they in form you? Is it a letter saying stating the chance of having one of these problems or do they make you go in to see them face to face. Reason I ask is because my partner has received a letter today with a consultant appointment in about 6 weeks time. Although there is no mention of these tests on this letter. I am wondering if this appointment is because something is wrong with the tests we had or if it's nothing to do with that and just a routine appointment as her last pregnancy had a few complications (high BP and pre eclampsia)



  • That letter will be the next midwife appointment 16weeks is when you usually see the midwife again. 

    If there is anything wrong your partner will get a phone call in around 10 days from the bloods been taken if the results are low risk you receive a letter in the post in around 2-3 weeks 

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