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Extremely faint line on pregnancy test

10 DPO - a few days ago I started sleeping so much. I'm getting shortness of breath and today I woke up at 1pm. As soon as I got up, i took a test. And then I brushed my teeth and checked the results. I have an extremely faint line. so faint you can miss it. Am I pregnant? my period is due in 4 days. Maybe I should just wait. image


  • Test again with a first response they are more sensitive if you are testing before af 

  • My SO and I tried to concieve on my ovulation day which was our first attempt and actually tracking it and purposely trying to get pregnant which was 2 weeks ago tomorrow. Last night we were out having drinks with a friend and after one full beer and maybe an eighth of a second one I got EXTREMELY nauseous to the point that I had to go stand outside in below zero temperatures in order for it to subside and for me to start feeling better. I naturally decided to stop drinking and took a HPT this morning as part of my process of elimination as to why I felt that way. This is the result of my first response test which detects up to 7 days before missed period. Does anyone else see a faint second line or are my eyes playingimage tricks on me?

  • Does the line have any colour? 

  • The line looks pink

  • then congrats 

    test again in a few days the line should be darker

  • My period is due in 2 days so I figured the line would be more defined if I took another test then and thank you! 🤗

  • imageimage

    So I couldn't help it. 12DPO and I took another test. The line is still faint but deeper than the first one. it's hard waiting for AF to arrive in 2 days. 

  • Congrats xxx

  • So today is the day my period is due and had one more test left so I decided to take it and sure enough my hcg levels were higher and the line was more defined...I am officially 100% ppsotive that I am preggers. Yay! Time to make that doctors appointment!

  • Have you got a pic 😊

  • Congrats 😊 Nice early xmas present 

  • Congratulations!!! And can I jump on here? I've taken a Clear blue early yesterday and got a faint positive, but I didn't know whether it was a dye run or whatever and it wasn't an evap line as it appeared in under a minute. I took a First Response this morning with FMU and got a positive too... im just in shock and want confirmation from a bigger group of people! I don't want to jump the gun and get excited in case the test is wrong, but it doesn't look it! image

  • Congrats 😊

  • Yay!!!! Congrats to us 👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾

  • I did a blood test and got the results. now I'm 100% sure!!!. I've booked a doctors appoinment for tomorrow!!! Excited😊 

  • from my experience clearly (haha) and from everyone else's, you ARE pregnant for sure!!! Congrats!!! 

  • Yay! Congratulations!! We must be roughly the same along too! What a great Christmas this has turned out to be. 

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