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What's on your menu this Christmas? Are you having turkey or something else?

Hi everyone,

We wondered what would be happening around your dining table (or lap trays if you’re like us!) this Christmas? Will you be having traditional turkey or maybe you’re opting for something a little different this year? And if so, what’s on the menu?

We’d love to hear what’s cooking in your kitchen on Sunday, so please do let us know by posting a reply on this thread! And if you want to come back on Christmas day and share a pic of your dinner, we’d LOVE that!




  • My wonderful mum is doing Christmas dinner for us 😋 Hopefully turkey will be on the table (Dad, hubby, myself & the girls all enjoy turkey), she has had lamb before (Nan, sis & mum like a bit of this), possibly salmon (mum & I eat this but as we are usually the only two...🤔) & all the trimmings (roast potatoes, parsnips, sprouts, mixed veg, Yorkshire puddings, gravy, sauces, mash...).

    If really lucky there will be a choice of desserts too (which I usually try one of each...well you have to, right 😜)

  • Oh KazzieM, is there anything better than a selection of desserts??? You're a woman after my own heart!

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