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On line deliveries (shopping that is!) on Saturdays

Can you believe that Mothercare do not deliver on Saturdays - not even for an extra charge? I am appalled! Does anyone know of shops that will deliver baby items on Sats? I can't be at home during the week! I know that Boots and JoJo Maman BeBe do...


  • Hi there, thats bad isnt it! Im not impressed with mothercare and their delivery. I bought my pram from them ??230 but because it was in the sale they wouldnt deliver it! Me and my daughter had to struggle onto two buses to get it home (6mths pregnant at the time) it was in a really big box! I should have complained but just couldnt be bothered! x
  • Crying out loud that is crap! could you have it delivered to your local parcel office and pick it up from there on Sat? I know it's not the same but at least it wouldn't be sitting out waiting to get nicked!
  • there is a good baby site called they deliver on sat & also orders over ??50.00 is free delivery
  • eBay? LOL xxx
  • mothercare are really poor for deliveries. We ordered about ??1000 of stuff online and had a total debacle getting it delivered. First of all they didn't dispatch the order at all as the website had allowed us to place an order for something that was out of stock - so they sidelined the whole order (with no notification - i only found this out when I rang to see when my order would be dispatched). Then everything came in dribs and drabs - some of which were left with neighbours - which isn't ideal as some of our neighbours aren't as friendly as others (and there was no note to say this was what had happened so we looked really rude for not collecting our stuff). The rest was delivered via parcelforce who left an number for us to re-arrange delivery but even though i rang and arranged this they still came on a different day to the one i'd asked for! Then we got a note from mothercare to say that the final part of our order was now discontinued and that we'd have to go into a store to get a refund! what a palava! It's so ridiculous to assume that people are home to receive large parcels all the time - especially as they won't even confirm a weekday delivery day - just within 5 days of ordering so you can't even take a day off to wait for stuff. Rant over!!!
  • Yes I agree with the ridiculousness of Mothercare's delivery system! I have tried and they were fantastic. It cost ??12 or so to get a delivery on a saturday but they came at 9.30am! they also guarantee to be at your home by 12midday.
  • hi all, yeah I agree is brilliant fast delivery too loads of bargains.
  • I've used Kiddicare a few times and I agree, they're great! I particularly like the fact that they confirm by phone when the order has been dispatched.
  • i'd recommend kiddicare any day. I used to live by the store in Peterborough and they delivered to me (less than 3 miles away) for free just coz they were so nice. i went there for everything for my first child and even now have moved 450 miles away i will continue to use them coz they are so great! Claire x
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