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Happy new year to you! Did you make any new years resolutions?

Hi everyone,

Happy new year to you all, we hope you had a lovely one?

In the MFM office, we were just chatting about new years resolutions and if people still make them? So we were wondering if you might tell us about any new years resolutions you might have made this year?

Please do come and share them by posting a reply on this thread, we’d love to hear your resolutions if you've made any, or if you think they're a load of old tosh! 




  • To lose the baby weight! Back to boxercise this week!! 

  • Personally I do think they are a load of tosh, however I do always stick to the whole "I'm going to eat healthy and go to the gym.." regime.. even if it's only for a few weeks! Maybe this year I'll have to reade the gym with a few brisk walks and the buggy! I'm hoping the bootea tea teatox as well will shift my remaining  baby weight 😂 We will see what I'm saying in a few weeks time!!

  • You don't look like you've any weight on you in your pics chloe!! 

    I have a minging pouch over my section scar.. Good job there was a beautiful baby as a result of it or id be fumin 😂😂.. 

    Let me know how the teatox goes!? Xx

  • HH Tbf it's not so much that. I've eaten so much rubbish this Christmas holidays I need to cleanse my body haha!

    Oh my the pouch, I have this too And think exactly the same as you. Definitely proud of my scar too👌🏾

    I've done the BooTea teatox before, I followed the diet plan and exercised and lost a satisfying amount of weight in 14days. They don't advise it with breastfeeding, I read on the small print! Xx

  • Mine is the very boring, lose baby weight, be more organised and drink more water ha 

    i like making New Years resolutions wether I stick to them or not lol

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