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need help

Hi came off pill in october had my first period 7th november 5 days then had period 2nd dec both normal. Had excruiating pains xmas eve no blood till day after for 2 days but brown. Tues 3 jan had terrible pains again and blood very dark. Got really bad period pains cant get any relief in agony😣 been on pill for 15 years and seen on previous chats that its your body is adjusting. Any advice would be grateful thanks


  • I would be seeing the Dr if you are in that much could be hormones adjusting but it could be something more concerning 

  • Iv been doctors waste of time and got some stronger painkillers. Out of curiosity and to rule out pregnancy i took a test now it came up i was pregnant but how can this be if i have my period. Still in pain

  • i need abit of advice 

    im 36 weeks plus a day pregnant and i have problems with my urine. myburine smells really strong and it dark yellow colour jot sure what to do. i never had this problem in life and now my new partner mentioned to me last night and feel embarrassed about it and dont know wht to do? fo i need to go gp because i have an appointment on thursday for scan and mertanity 

  • Diva59 u may have an ectopic pregnancy i would get that checked out.  

    Rani7 if your worried go to the doctor or ask your midwife 

  • thank you all

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