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Hot tub dilemma!


i have recently found out I'm pregnant! I am really early still and this weeekend me and boyfriend have gone to a lodge, I got in the hot tub before for not even 10 minutes For the first time since we arrived on Friday, for  Literally 7 minutes maximum, I was a bit hot so got out. I was then looking at the instructions to use the temperature gage, then I read you shouldn't go in if pregnant! I have googled it and it says about your body temp being to high. i am now panicking massively! Do you think I have done harm? Should I get checked out?Also does This apply with baths!?

Help please! And thank you! 


  • i wouldn't worry yourself too much! You got out when you felt hot which was the right thing to do.. 

    it does apply to baths too so try and have luke warm baths instead of hot ones..

    if you're really panicking speak to your local birth centre for advice - they might use a doppler to reassure you! 

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