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Painful periods.. :'(

Hi everyone, 

So today is THE day of my first real period since stopping Microgynon 30 and I have to say.. I've remembered why I was on the pill for so long in the first place. I've been in different types of contraception over the years including depo provera which I stopped nearly 3 years ago. From then I started the pill. 

Anyway, in one way I'm glad because this cycle has been a nice 30 days, hasn't left me hanging BUT.. It is so painful and so uncomfortable that I don't want to get out of bed today. My boobs are hurting and have been for over 2 weeks now, thexcept pain escalated two days ago so I knew af was on her way. The cramps and backache or horrendous and causing me to sweat and feel light headed. Other then that I'm good, glad that when it's over I can start ttc #1 image 

Has anyone else suffered their first cycle like this? And/or in the same boat as me to start off 2017? 

I'd love to hear from you and not feel so alone with it all image 

Thanks for reading xx

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