HELP! Washing Colour Bleed Problem!

Hi Ladies,

I need some urgent advice. I am really f'd off now.

I've just spent ??125 on my daughters new secondary school uniform, anyway, put all the whites in the wash last night which included my daughters 'white' parts of the school uniform, 5 of these items being white school polo shirts bought from the school at ??10 a piece (just for a bloody school logo) and on the collar and sleeve, it has one maroon/red stripe. Many I should have been more careful but as the label didnt warn any colour run I didnt think it would as its just a stripe. opened up my washing machine to find everything has turned f'ing pink! Including a load of new white underwear I bought me and my daughter yesterday and all her school PE socks which I had to purchase from the school at ??3.50 per pair! and the ??50 worth of polo shirts!!!

I am fuming - I know not to had heat to them as it will seal the colour bleed, has anyone got any suggestions in how I can try and save these clothes and turn them back to white? I've just put some on a cold wash on their own to see if that helps (without the polo tops) but I'm buggered if I'm expected to have to re buy everything again! And also, am I right in thinking that all the knickers and bras elastic straps will never go back to white now once discoloured???

I've got a good mind to phone the school about this and complain!

Thanks, Eva


  • there is something you can buy i have seen it in asda and it takes the ran colour out
  • Eva,

    It's a right bi**h when that happens. Stain Devils do a good range of colour run solutions, mostly involving soaking in cold water with the solution which does stink a bit but usually works!

    I'm afraid bra's will probably keep the pink tinge, i once dyed everything green and the bra kept the tinge till it went in the bin.

    Ask the school who their supplier is and contact them direct as school will probably fob you off with it not being their problem, however the supplier can't get away with it.

    Good luck with returning to bright white!
  • Thanks for your replies.

    Obi, I took your advice and rang the school and asked for their uniform supplier, explaining what had happened. They said they've never been made aware of that happening but gave me the details of the supplier and a contact name.

    I called the supplier and the lady said she's never been made aware of the colour run issue however, told me to bag all the clothes up when dry, do a letter stating whats happened and how I washed them and give them to the school to send back to them as they can only deal with the school and not directly with the parents.

    I called the school to advise what I was told and said that I'd have to keep onto the polo tops and my daughter would just have to wear tinged pink tops as I cannot afford to buy another load of them and they told me not to worry, that they would replace them and to bring them in also.

    So thanks for that advice, it wouldnt have prompted me to think of contacting the supplier!

    Eva xx
  • Cool, glad they sorted it for you. Most school uniform suppliers don't like to be told that they product hasn't done its job properly. I find that mentioning Trading Standards "fit for purpose" if they won't play ball works well too, not that i complain a lot!! Really i don't but when something doesn't do what it's supposed to, or does things it's not supposed to i get a bit irrate!!!

    Anyway, glad i could help
  • I dyed everything a beautiful shade of blue last week thanks to a stray pair of baby trousers, i used the vanish oxi stuff for whites and that worked for me.
    I did the usual stamping of feet and blaming my o/h and shouting that i have to do everything in the house etc

    I did however decide to leave the baby vests blue as they actually look quite good, so some good came out of a really annoying situation.
  • Saw something advertised on the TV last night that means you can wash whites and colours together and this special sheet will absorb the colours that run!! Can't remember what it was calledbut not sure if i'm brave enough to try it, don't fancy having new, fairly expensive mat bra's dyed pink!!!!!
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