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First gp appointment

hi all! Completely new to this (this forum and pregnancy haha). I found out I was pregnant yesterday, i think about 4 weeks, and have made an appointment to see my gp next week. I don't know whether I should have told the receptionist what the appointment was for And if I need to make a special appointment rather than a general gp appointment - can anyone tell me? if I just turn up ok the day and explain what it is for will that be ok? Sorry if it's a daft question but no one knows yet so I can't ask anyone! Thanks :) x


  • Hi Hg1987, welcome to MadeForMums and congratulations! 
    We thought we might point you in the direction of our Due in October 2017 birth club where there's other women due the same time as you who might be able to answer your question. We hope to see you over there soon! 

  • Hi HG1987

    Congratulation on your postive :-) Regarding the Dr's appointment, I just booked a normal GP appointment and went along - no special appointment needed. Dont be surprised if the appointment isnt what you were expecting (I went in expecting to be asked to do another test to confirm pregnancy, loads of information about what would happen next... etc!!) My appointment was about 5 mins - Dr asked if I'd taken a home pregnancy test (Id taken about 1,000 by this point!) and she then told me that was good enough, and to make an appointment to see the midwife between 8-10 weeks :-) All in all, quite simple at that stage. 

    Good luck :-) x

  • oh really? i would have expected more than that too! sounds like it will be a pretty simple morning :)

    thanks For replying xx

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