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Mother-in-law: how do you get on with yours?

Hi everyone, 

We’ve noticed quite a few threads about mother-in-laws lately, and we wondered, how do you get on with yours? If you have a baby, is your MIL helpful, or is she more of a stereotypical interfering nightmare? 

We’d love to hear what your relationship is like with your MIL (or should that be monster-in-law?) so, please do let us know by posting your reply to this thread.  



  • Mine is super irritating 😩 She is very old fashioned As she is quite old (74) and is constantly criticising everything we do and has since day one. She is quite frail so can't help us, so I don't get any help from her. Lately I barely visit (I have no car and I'm demanded by her to walk half an hour each way often in the rain) and I prefer it that way sadly. She loves our boy to bits though but I always leave their house upset and exhausted! 

  • I am lucky . My mother in law is great! They live in a different country so We only see them a few times a year and she is always really helpful with the kids and dinners when she does come. 

  • My mother in law is wonderful - helpful, reliable, knows how to deal with the kids. She's really wonderful - HOWEVER when my eldest was born i was attempting to breastfeed exclusively - she came to visit the baby, and told me have a nap while she was there which i was so grateful for, so i did. Woke up a few hours later to find my baby with a bottle in her mouth - i was horrified, but couldn't muster the words to say anything. 

  • My mother in law is a star I have to say... I have another child from past relationship and she treats them both the same takes my eldest ballet every week and throughout my pregnancy and even before she has been such a big help with everything.. 

    Living far away from my family I dont see my mother much but his mother is so nice x

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