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My Daughter has got her first detention today at school for burping ?

Apparently its because its unladylike.  I am annoyed with the teacher in question as my daughter has never been in trouble and is a good student .


  • I'm guessing this teacher is not a parent. Burping is natural. Sometimes unexpected. If we don't burp it worsens indigestion etc. Yes it's not the nicest thing but it's not like she would have intentionally done it to disturb the class or be rude. What a jobsworth! 

  • I know she is pretty upset I have told her not to worry about it but it has annoyed me as it's a natural thing and I thought teachers had more pressing issues to worry about 

  • Pretty sure this teacher has burped a few times in their lifetime.  It's focusing on things like this that prove why bullying is still being missed and why children don't feel supported or like they can approach teachers with problems. 

  • That teacher might not know what its like to raise a child. Burping is a natural thing and can happen to anyone at any time  :/

  • It seems really harsh to give a detention for a natural bodily function. I'm not a parent and even I can see that! I once got sent out of class for having hiccups. I was about 14 at the time, but it really upset me that the teacher thought I was messing about!

  • Absolutely dreadful way for a teacher to react its so wrong to punish a little one for dping something natural that they cannot control. I vehemently agree jobsworth! Hope your little girl isnt too upset.

  • She took it on the chin as she only had to go to a 15 minute detention after school I have spoken to her tutor and made her aware I was not best pleased with the teacher in question and she said my daughter got detention for not saying excuse me but I pointed out my daughter was embarrassed and its a natural thing she agreed with me and apologized so I have just left it at that 

  • Tell your daughter not to go and just go talk to the principal, burping is natural and nothing anyone should get in trouble over .. UNLESS she asked her to stop and she continued or something in that manner if not the teacher is in the wrong 

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