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The Cat in Hat is 60: come and tell us your favourite Dr Seuss book or character!

Hi everyone,

The classic Dr Seuss book The Cat in the Hat will be a whopping 60 years old! 

So we were wondering, what’s your favourite Dr Seuss book or maybe you have a favourite Dr Seuss character? 

Please do come and share what you or your child’s favourite Dr Seuss book or character is, here on this thread - we’d love to know!



  • Cripes am i the only one who really doesn't get Dr Seuss? But if you have kids there is no avoiding his books - my daughter got as a gift One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish, when she was 5 and thought it was bonkers! 

  • Oh I absolutely love cat in the hat. It has always been one of my favourite books from childhood. I love the film too. I hope my bubba loves it just as much as me. I'm not that familiar with the other books but will definitely be checking them out x

  • We love Green Eggs & Ham in our house.

    And the Grinch, of course

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