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I need , Help ? Advice ? .. Anything

I had unprotected sex last Saturday 3/4/17 and all the days counting up until Tuesday 3/7/17 .  I've been having a white discharge with no smell it's not sticky it can break it doesn't itch or anything it's just there .. could it be the sperm just now coming out of me? I've been sneezing a lot but i might just be me getting sick because my nose is stuffed in the morning when I wake up , I've been very hungry , I have to pee a little more than usual I have light cramps in my stomach area , I'm gassy &  bloated  I dont think it's pregnancy because it would be to early to feel symptoms right ? I have one pregnancy test but I don't really wanna waste it because I feel like it's so early . What do you guys think ? 


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