Mothers day

Ok i have no imagination what so ever when it comes to presents...what on earth can i get my mum for mothers day? I got her flowers last mothers day, i got her jewlery for xmas she doesnt eat chocolate and she already had a trillion bottles of perfume. I cant ask her what she wants coz when ever i have in the past i always get the same response "oh i dont want anything, you save your money". Also i will be a bit skint as mothers day is the day after my daughters birthday. Any one got any ideas?? Also if my OH is reading this.. I really like those smoothie makers..... image Toni x


  • Why not get some of her favourite photos together and put together a special album just about her - a kind of This is Your Life thing?! You could get your daughter to help and do a special granny page....? OR maybe a smoothie maker?
  • Last year I made my mum a cd with all her favourite songs on it, and then printed a picture of her grandchildren on it. Was much better than anything I could of bought xx
  • aww i like the photo idea thing thats sweet... the cd is good too accept i have an 18 yr old brother that lives with her and she never gets a chance to get near the cd plaayer for him. Lol shes got a smoothie maker i went up yesterday and was made a smoothie and now i want one... yum yum toni x
  • i'm afraid i'm not very imaginative either this year my husband and i are just taking bith sets of parents out for a meal but the photo idea is lovely....anita xx
  • I know it's a bit silly but me and my sisters have clubbed together and got mum tickets to see dancing on ice when it tours!

    Sam x
  • A couple of years ago I got my mum a voucher for afternoon tea for 4 at the Ritz, from
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