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Placebo Effect or Pregnant? (A Bit TMI)

I'm scared that I may be pregnant. I had unprotected sex on March 13th and I'm currently bloating, have a lot of headaches, and my areola have become bigger. I believe this is probably a placebo effect, but there is always a possibility of getting pregnant whenever you have unprotected sex. Six and seven days after I had sex, I had this weird brown fluid whenever I wiped. I usually have sex protected, but this one instance I did not. When would be the most accurate time to get a home pregnancy test? 

I am also unsure if this is from a placebo effect or if I actually am pregnant. I know that a lot of the symptoms I am currently experiencing are too early (if I am pregnant). I have this on my mind a lot (I've googled things, which I know I should never ever do), and I have this scary fear that I am. 

Any quick answers would be appreciated greatly!!!


  • Hello, didn't want to read and run! Do you know when your period is due hun? As you can take a pregnancy test if you miss your period, then you'll have your answer.

  • I think it's due in the next week or so. I think it should be accurate on April 8th because I'm not exactly sure. Thank you very much for your reply! :)

  • Brown fluid is a very big give away here... Have you not thought about the possibility of infection?

  • I've thought about it, but I've searched up various signs of infections and that's only one sign. I've heard about implantation bleeding, and I saw it around the time it's normally expected to happen. I had a UTI years ago and I would know it feels. :/

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