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Cbeebies..what's your take on it?

So I just wondered what people's take on cbeebies were I recently had a debate at my nursery with one of the parents as she overheard me talking to a child about Robert the Robot from Justin's house as she asked me if I kneww who he was and to sing the song ect...the parent then started to grill me saying I shouldn't be teaching children to sing songs from a children's programme or to let my child watch it as it's "quite frankly, bad parenting" and she went on to say that there are books out there, parks, shopping and all this stuff. My daughter loves cbeebies and loves bing bunny the most which I have no problem with as I think it teaches her loads! I like Justin's house myself I think it's very fun for her and she loves to dance to it! And I find Robert the robot really funny!! We got into a little debate over this and she walked out saying I didn't deserve to have a child and God help the one I'm carrying! :( was horrible but my little one isn't always in front of the TV I take her out all the time TV time is chill out time and she loses interest after a bit anyway so the TV goes off. Do u guys let your kids watch cbeebies or am I just a bad mum! 


  • God they sound like a right pompous group of idiots. I have a 4yo and anot her on the way. My little one watches tv and has learned a lot from it. She can speak basic Spanish due to Dora the Explorer  (I couldn't have taught her that as I don't speak spanish). She has been well advance for her age in terms of speech, counting, alphabet and writing. Which I account some of to the programmes. Cbeebies isn't our channel of choice it's more Disney junior but most kids tv shows encourage language skills, counting, being nice towards others etc.  I don't think there is any harm in occasional tv use. Most parents now need a little electronic baby sitter from time to time. Parks etc are great when it's nice weather but not always practical especially when both parents work full time too. Don't feel bad. She was extremely out of order especially towards a pregnant woman. I'd probably have been less than nice in my reply especially in my pregnant state😂 and you should remind her that nurseries and schools use tv to educate children now too. Lost primary schools in my area introduce ipads for homework. So more fool her!

  • Oh this woman is a nasty peice of work lol I gave her it back in a way that I could as I was working and there was lots of other children  around. I was so upset when she left..I think TV is a good thing in moderation yh my little one has learnt so much from it and she finds spongebob just hilarious! Yes we all need a bit of a break either to clean cook or just to have a cup of tea don't we both mothers and fathers! I don't have to see her again now for a while but will have words I think let loose a bit and say it was the hormones ;) hahaha thanks hun you've made me feel loads better! Xxxx

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