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Smell from neighbours

Hi. I don't know where else to post but my downstairs neighbour is either growing or smoking weed heavily, I have lived in my flat for nearly a year and these past four months I have noticed am increase in the smell of weed in my livingroom as if someone was right next to me smoking it. I have contacted my LHA about this and they had a word with my neighbour but nothing changed. I don't care if people smoke weed but it is now affecting my house hold and I can't out up with that I cant dry my clothes in the livingroom anymore as the smell horrible and I've also had my HV say something to me about it also. I don't know what to do about it now as having my housing officer come to speak to him didn't do anything at all. Should I phone the police or contact my LHA again? Sorry for this paragraph I've just had enough of it now my block of flats have just been painted and I can smell weed over the paint fumes it's that strong.. thanks for reading xx


  • Hi hon, totally know where you're coming from - a friend of mine had something very similar too. 
    Have you made sure all windows in your living room are closed? Sorry if that sunds so obvious!  Also, have you tried actually going down and talking to your neighbour about the smell? Maybe see if they can smoke outside or not in the room where it's wafting up into your flat?

    Also, you could report it online to the police, but to be honest, there's not much they will do as it's a private residence. Must be really horrid for you 😷

  • Hi. It's like rising through the floor it's worse when my windows are shut I need them open so it kinda goes away I have tried calling the door but he won't answer I'm phoning my housing officer again as it's affecting my house. I hate that my daughter runs around and is smelling this and her clothes are

    stinking of it aswell 

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