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Hi all, so I am going out of my mind! The last day of my period was 26th dec .. its now April. I have done 2 tests (strip ones from boots) both negative. My boobs are killing me, I feel sick all the time! I have had my bloods done & they came back normal but in reality I feel far from normal. Can anyone please give me any advice? My drs are rubbish. I really don't know what to do. If I am pregnant then I would be around 18 weeks. I keep feeling like my stomach is going over and keep feeling flutters but i dont know if it's because I'm pregnant or some other underlying issue .. any help would be appreciated


  • Hiya. I've you've had negative home pregnancy tests, and the blood test has come back negative as well, then I would say it isn't likely you are pregnant at this time. The blood tests carried out by Dr's are very reliable in confirming pregnancy. 

    However, it's not quite right that you haven't had a period since December - I'm guessing that you haven't had any spotting or anything either. I would suggest making an appointment with your gp so you can explain you haven't had a period and see what they suggest - there may be another underlying issue such as you aren't ovulating every month or something.  

    Good luck xx

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