my daughter is watching me too! anyone else hate this program! granny murray and tina where did they find theses people!


  • i know what you mean , my 2 younger ones love it. but it is so hammy!!!!! no one can be as cheerful as granny murray all the time , surely? what is she on - happy pills.!!! lol.
  • she must be getting high off the smell of her clothes as she rarley changes them lol she even has that stripy jump on when its boiling hot strange women
  • it's the same as miss hoolie out of balamory, she is a sweaty cow as well, as she wears the same hot or cold.!!!!
  • The worst one is Miss Hooly off Balabloodymory! Have you seen that hair?! Jeez. And Edie Mc.Credie, she must get up at the crack of dawn to trowel on all that make-up. Bet when she washes it off Greenpeace think there's been an oil spill!
  • i have really limited tv in my house 30 mins at brekfast 30 mins at lunch then i put it on when im cookin so she is out of my way go i hate balamory too! my daughter has the story and insisits on it every night aaarrrgghhh!
  • Know what you mean. So not what Scots are like image Must admit I kind of like big cook, little cook. Don't have any kids yet but sometimes I watch it anyway. Sad or what? x
  • no what is sad is when my daughter is out and im still watching it lol!
  • my little girl loves big cook little cook and trys out the recipes i think its great that they actually make programmes that are useful and she likes the one that does makaton baby signing and shes learning that because she wants to be able to talk to the baby when it's here isn't she sweet, (agree about balamory tho my brothers in law's accent is almost exactly the same but it is so annoying and who agrees that pc plum is gay)....anita xx
  • hi anita i have recently e mailed them to say what a fantastic job justin does all round my little girl loves to sign along with him too and she is only 2! i dont mind the programs that they learn things from!!
  • i think that i general cbeebies is great for the kids and theres no adverts so you don't get the 'I WANT THAT ' everytime a new toy is shown, a few programmes do really wind me up but mostly they are good.
  • The thing i cant stand on Balamory is that they have a 'token' everything!
    Token gay man- archie+/ PC Plum
    Token female role model- Edie- she's a mechanic- how clever of her!!!
    Token black man- Spencer
    Token black woman- Josie
    Token disabled person- Penny
    And then there's that mental old lady in the sweet shop who they treat like she's a danger to herself!

    Im all for being representative of society and promoting tolerance but its such a small village!!!
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