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Just for fun! Come and show us your tattoos!

Hi everyone,

We thought it might be nice to have a tattoo thread going, as we know quite a few of our forum members have them, we thought we’d ask you to come and show your tattoos off! 

So please do feel free to snap and share a picture of your tattoos by posting a reply to this thread. We can’t wait to see them!



  • Ive got a few! :) hard to take a pic of as it's easier to film it but here u go. This is my fresh one (got it done on Saturday) The giraffe represents my baby son (he sleeps with a giraffe toy) 

    the older bit (same artist) represents my hubby and I, and my family back home in Australia. 



  • Thesr are the 2 on my arms I can take pics of myself I have 3 on my back to. Owl in memory of my dad and fairly with my 2 eldest names on. 

  • the only ones i have is my daughters names and date of birth then a personal one for the little one i lost imageimage

  • These are really beautiful artwork! Please do keep them coming. 

  • I have a few but my favourite is my sleeve image

  • My thigh pieces image

  • image

    I had this as a way of remembering the night I met my partner on 4th July- lyrics from firework by katy perry 😍

    Will get some more once little one arrives x

  • I have quite a few on my arms but can't wait to get another to celebrate the birth of my little one! image


  • I know some are funny about tattoos but I love a bit of ink & can't wait to get my leg piece extended 🙈

    "M" for Morgan! 




  • Great thread!

    I have a few but these are my most recent. I have a bitve a sea theme going on and had to include my bike!  I hope to add more as time goes by. 


  • imageimageimage

    imageimageimageimage I have a few think I have 40 or just under 🙈 These are just a few of mine have an Elsa on my leg to which is at the back of my leg x

  • Who knew MadeForMums's members loved ink so much! We are in awe of these awesome tattoos! Please do keep posting (and Michellegixxersmrs - won't you show us Elsa?)

  • image On my ankle

    image Left wrist for my girls 

    image lower back 

    image sister tattoos mines ther purple 

    imageimage left arm 

    image right wrist xx

  • Here's all mine all on my right arm (most pictures when freshly done so bit more faded now although oldest is a year old now) they all have very special meanings to me. :) I have a few more I want yet.  imageimageimageimageimageimage

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