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Do you talk to your children about terrorism?

Hi everyone,
Following on from the devastating news about the horrific incident at the Manchester Arena last night, we were wondering, are you talking to your children about terrorism, and if so what do you say to them? 

Please let us know if you've had a chat with your child about these events, and how old they are, and what you said to them. We'd be so interested to hear how you handle terribly sad and difficult situations like this. Please do tell us by posting a reply to this thread.


  • i have a 9 year old and i find it hard to talk to her about things like that as she only lost her sister last year and she dont no how to deal with that 

  • we talked about the loss of her little sis she seems fine at the time but bed time she falls apart 

  • So sorry for your loss darcy123. 

    This morning while doing the school run, we had the radio on and my 7 year old daughter heard about Manchester. I had to explain what had happened, telling her that some bad people in the World want to cause fear - but that the good poeple far outweigh the bad. I don't want her to know about this kind of stuff at such a young age, but its harder and harder to avoid. 

  • children now a days are finding out about at alot younger age and its not fair on them they are to young to know about certain things 

  • School spoke to my 11 year old today, but unfortunately we know the family of the little girl saffie, her brother was in the same class as my son up until last year when they changed schools. Heartbreaking and devastated don't come close. Unfortunately in an age of so much social media, you have to tell them before they find out from someone else xx

  • I wasn't planning on talking to my daughter as I didnt want to worry her as I am travelling to manchester tomorrow but she was told about it at school by a friend of hers and she came out really upset worrying about our family and me travelling so I had to explain bits but I just said we are all safe and that it will be a different part of Manchester that I am going x

  • Oh my gosh f I'm so sorry for your losses. Second I amend your bravery. I was hoping when my son was born that sex and pubity would be the hardest things to talk about but now 5 years on he's asking why saffi the little girl is on the tv and when I say she is in heaven she was very poorly, he comes back with did she have chicken pox!!! How do I explain this kind of thing to him but he knows something is going on. I don't want him to be scared of going anywhere and I want him to know hes safe with me and his dad. I told him there are bad people who want to do naughty things. He said they should go to jail and I agreed. I don't feel the need to go any further and into great detail but I do tell him he's safe with us and I'd never let anything happen to him. I do find it hard as as a 5 year old a minute silence at school lately is getting to be a regular thing with how the world is turning out. We did a prayer for all the injured and he's sound asleep. I praise the ones who have older children I don't know how I would deal with that x x

  • I spoke to my 7 year old this morning. I spoke about it very simply and explained that somebody had set off an explosion in Manchester last night. I decided to leave out the word bomb. We live a few miles away and, like many, had local news on this morning. I didn't want the first conversations he had about it to come from the playground. We talked about the fact that it was at a concert and it caused lots of damage but that there are now lots of police etc who would now be dealing with the situation and that he shouldn't worry. I didn't mention deaths or anything about injuries and he didn't ask. However, was very confused about why it had happened. And one of the hardest things as a mum was not having the answer for that. Still utterly reeling from it myself. 

  • I can not watch the news my daughter is 11 and I find it so hard to hear the sad news... it's heart breaking... so I have kept away from hearing or seeing what's going on... xx

  • We've just returned from Ibiza today and obviously there is an increase in security at all airports. They told us that there would be armed police. I have a 4 year old so thought I would tell him about the police men because it can be a bit scary to see. when I told him he said "well are they going to shoot me then mummy" (broke my heart!) so I said no and explained that there were some very naughty people in the world that like to hurt people so the policemen are looking after us. He was happy with that which I was glad about because I didn't really want to go into it any more!!

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