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Holidays during term-time: would you take your child and risk a fine and possible prosecution?


Recently, it has been in the news about parents taking their children out of school during term-time; putting themselves at risk of prosecution for doing so, but also possibly receiving a fine too.

We also know that family holidays which are booked off peak (ie not during school holidays) are considerably cheaper, and possibly only affordably to some families during this time.

So we wondered, given the penalties and possible prosecution, would you risk taking your child out of school during term-time to go on holiday? Maybe you already have? If so, we’d love to hear if you received a fine or a letter from your child’s school?

Please do come and tell us what you think about this, by posting a reply to this thread. We’d love to hear from you



  • Hi 

    My sister us getting married in Portugal in 28 days time. They asked my 8 yr old son to be a ring bearer. I have spoke previously to the school and they have not authorised my son to be able to go. I dont care what they think. I aint missing my sisters wedding cos they said will be going. If i get fined i get fined lol still cheaper then half term time anyway. Obviously if my son was doing sats or tests i wouldnt take him out. 

    I took him out last June on a 2 week holiday to Cuba and didnt get fined so we shall see 

    Lisa x 

  • I completely agree Lisa.  This whole 'authorisation' thing has gone way too far.  I would do exactly the same in your situation.  Taking your family to Portugal for your sisters wedding will be a huge educational experience in itself, and to have your son play a dutiful and responsible role in the whole thing, is simply wonderful for him too.

    Hope everything goes well!


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