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First birthday

Hi all, 

My husband and I have been living in SE Asia the past eight years and some good friends of ours not far from us (also from England) are about to celebrate their little girl’s first birthday.  We’ve often talked about how radically different the clothes are so radically different over here, both in quality and style - most items of any nature generally last a week or so before they’re ready to throw out.  

As it is a one off special occasion and as she is so adorable, I thought it would be nice to get something ‘different’.  After a bit of searching online through Ebay and Amazon style sites, I managed to find a selection of baby dresses ( that I can get delivered in plenty of time for the special day.  I just thought I’d share this as spending so long in a place without easy access to everything that is so readily available in the UK, sometimes creates a bit of a longing.  I never thought I’d see myself online shopping, but in this case it’s proved to be quite useful. 


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