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Hair colours, nearly 40....

Turning 40 soon. 

Really want to get my hair coloured. Some pastel colours in hidden rainbow style or underlights with a few strands showing through. 

Anyone any experience of colouring hair different colours. 

One friend said I'm too old, others say go for it. Just want a bit if fun with my hair for summer? 

Am I mad? image


  • DO IT!!!! I have long dark hair, i'm 39 and i am itching to get something done! I just saw a friend on instagram and she has chestnut hair and had an ombre rose gold effect on the ends - looks gorgeous! If you're in London, you have to check out a place called Not Another Salon - google them for amazing inspiration! 

  • I'm 38 & have pastel peach hair (using the Live self colouring kits). Lots of other mums at school have also tried pastels & brights (Silver, Purple, Turqoise, Pink, mixes...). If you have the confidence to wear it then go for it. You can buy temporary sprays in colour in pastels & brights now too if you want a demo run first

  • Kazzie M, won't you show us our hair pleeeeassse! 

  • Think I'm goin to have to get hair dyed totally blonde 1st then go from there as the tips are copper & red at min. Any advise on good type of colours to use at home & which to avoid?  

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