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Can anyone help a mum in need?

Hi ladies.

I know this is very upfront but my electricity (British Gas) is going to run out of credit (emergency credit used up) by about dinner time tomorrow.

I wondered if anyone could offer just the smallest of help in donating or lending me just a few £ so I can put a small amount of credit on my key.

British Gas can't offer me any more help and I'm going through a temporary period of difficulty while I wait for my tax credit payments to be updated.

Unfortunately I'm not in a position to be able to borrow from family and I'm worried my electricity will get turned off when I have my 2 little girls to take care of and feed.

I will be able to access some money on Friday this week so if anybody is kind enough to offer any help i'd be happy to repay you then. 

Any help at all would be appreciated so so much.



  • Your local job centre should be able to offer you a temporary solution. I am a nurse and I remember social workers advising patients to take their electricity key and gas cards to their local housing office and they topped it up for them. Or try citizen advice. Also contact your hv who can offer advice if your worried

  • Hi everyone,
    We're just popping on as this thread has been brought to our attention.
    We're sorry to hear that life is so tough for you at the moment, chedssis

    But, we have a policy here that, whenever it is brought to our attention that someone has posted to ask for financial help, we come onto the thread with a standard warning that everyone should think carefully before giving money to someone they've only 'met' online.

    Obviously this is not personal; we do this every time it happens and we've no reason to think badly of you. But we do feel it's our job to remind people that not everyone is who they say they are on the internet. We wish you all the best and hope things change for the better for you soon.

  • I'm sorry :( I didn't mean to break any rules

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