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Father’s Day: share a pic of your dad, or your child’s dad and tell us what he means to you

Hi everyone,

It’s Father’s Day on Sunday 18th June and we would love for you to share a pic of your dad and let us know what he means to you. Alternatively, please share a pic of your child and their dad together, and let us know how you feel about him too!

It would be wonderful to see some Dad love on the forum, so please do feel free to post your comments and pictures by relying to this thread.



  • image I love this picture so much, it was taken last week when we were on holiday in Devon. My 2 beautiful children with their daddy ☺️ Xx

  • Nevesmummy, this is the most beautiful picture - captures your family perfectly! 

  • image

    My favourite picture of my husband and our Son.  The Copy and Paste T shirt and baby grow was a Christmas present 'from Son to Daddy'! DH is a bit of a computer geek and everyone says how much Oliver looks like him so I couldn't resist it!

  • Rustic07, your son is gorgeous! What a brilliant pic, and their matching tops are awesome. 

  • image

    My whole world in one photo 🌎😍❤

  • image

    My husband Matjaž with our baby daughter Živa. He's a patient and wonderful new daddy and I love them both more than anything in the universe. ❤

  • Aww, Lovely pictures. After looking these I remember one pic with my father also. 

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