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Coming off the mini pill

hi there, 

i have just last week come off the mini pill (progesterone only pill) (norethindrone) & wondered what people's experiences have been with their cycles after stopping it. I know there is a difference between how things settle down between the regular combined pill vs the mini pill so would love to hear people's experiences. I was on the progesterone only pill as I was breastfeeding & never switched back when I stopped that but now I've stopped the birth control completely. Not looking to try for another baby just yet... just wanted to get an idea of how long it might take to get back to my usual 28day cycles!



  • I came off Cerazette in February at the end of a packet. Didn't have a bleed of any kind for six weeks but then had two 29 day cycles so hopefully that's it settled. 

    Hopefully you will settle quickly too but everyone is different so there is no fixed time scale 

  • Thanks Becks!

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