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Hen Party Problem? How long until I can leave my new baby?

Hey guys. 

Im due in Feb 2018 with my first baby and  have been invited on my best friend from high schools hen party in June 2018, would be going away for 3 nights. 

Im just wondering if it would be too soon to leave the baby?? 

How long it was before you all left your bundle of joy?? 

A x


  • Hi 

    Good question. I am expecting my first any day now, and i cant imagine wanting to leave his side any time soon. However, everyone is different as is everyone's circumstances. No one can tell you that it is ok to leave your child for a few days at that age and equally no one can tell you its not ok. You will have to decide what you think is best for you and baby at the time. For example you may feel differently once baby arrives, or you may be breast feeding and decide that it would be best to stay at home to continue routine. 

    Whatever you decide i hope you and baby all the best. I hope this helped. 


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